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Exquisite Corpse (Mind Over Matters 2014)

Put your head-out and head-banging over the loudest beats passionately, rocking in and serving many more good riffs and years to make you younger again as this Ohio group or duo of fucking Rock N’ Roll awesomeness by Matthew Franklin and Lex Vegas baptizing your stereo under the blessings on powerful blending off Psychedelic Heavy Rock, Funk-Blues to the Nu-Metal and Rap-core to Stoner Metal music presence through their goddamn hell yeah band – Cadaver Dogs releasing the album of Too Much. 

Black Out The Blues onto Get Out! (Before You’re Empty Inside), Feel The Heat or It’s A Hunger may leading your lost faith after the demise of great superstars like Audioslave, Rage Against The Machine, System of a Down and even MC5 or The Allman Brothers; finding the answer and the miracles of rock once again via Cadaver Dogs. 

Get their album now or suffer a regret three times worst ! 

Too Much: