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End Of Sun (Persetan Records 2014)

Opening your satanic bible and hails God Bless Blasphemus Part. 1 (The Awakening of The Great Cthulhu) right from the Black God Crusher album released by Black Metal unit off Manado – North Sulawesi whom sounds godless, worshiping satan and darkness within their very honest ways possible. Meet the six-piece of metal-heads bible basher crew: Billy (bass), Witho (guitars), Aji (keyboards), Erwin (guitars), Buddy (drums) and Leo on vocals; for the proof over Durhaka madness materials that has a good recording on this full album. Symphonic or Melodic Black Metal blasts coming out to blinding your faith over a false lame beliefs religiously and as many tracks presented here by orchestral/epic dimensional harmony as well may put your fanatic views seeing god differently as satan rules the night within Plagiator, Wrath and even the cover of Koil’s for Aku Lupa Aku Luka. 

All the angels fallen and kneel down beneath the throne of evil … 

Black God Crusher: