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Embalmer Postmortem (Coyote Records 2014)


   Well, if you craving how the zombie-flick horror movies about deadly surgeons really mean something erotic for your sick-self then – this Rome, Lazio’s Brutal Death Metal Grind is definitely for you. Being half-butchered and then put on the cold/bloody metal surgery table might be the last moment you ever wanted to have but it’s too damn late and Dr. Gore is your main men upon this mess as the brutality songs exploding harder like Diseased Altered Corpse, Freezer Full of Flesh, Grotesque Corpse Sclupture, Zombies Brutalized Mankind to Back From The Grave to kill again or Born in Corpse must be a masterpiece work from the drummer Massimo Romano, Luigi Longo and Marco Acorte the shredders team to Alessio Pacifici their bassist and lead vocals.
Death and gore as being smothered re-creates by perfection within Dr. Gore’s Viscera album – may leads the new learner psycho such as you to the new level. 
   So, prepare yourself within the non-anesthetic surgeon in en tortures blood-bath moment of your lives – either you are one of those psychotic undead butchering team of the helpless victims …