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Eluruun Rauigem (Ledo Takas Records 2001)

   Eastern bloc’s exporting Extreme Folkish Black Metal group with a veritable energy for destructive of thus far un-dethroned record selling so far for these metal-heads from Estonia. As clearly speak-able thoughts of the band’s interests such as pride of forefathers, patriotism or world war II as well as the heavy influences from the legendary names like Satyricon, Burzum or Khold and Ulver are being straight-forward blasting in the darkened attacks performing by Lembetu on vocals, Karmo and Draconic the double guitar-shedders, keyboard player Kaire and Atso on drums; appointed as one of the highest ranked group that achieved a bestseller for the second album releasing all over the Euro-planet Black Metal alliance and fanatic fans for Vere Kutse Kohustab or Obliged by The Call of Blood slamming your interests in something political or thus non-mercy conditions mixing the Folk, Rock, Traditional and World sounds into their blending of particular locally version of Black Metal here. From Aeg Argata (Time to Awake), Tuleristed (Baptized in Fire), Vanade Leegionaride Laul (The Song of Old Legionaries) to Nimeta Haud (Nameless Grave) showing many topics about how cruel war will always become whenever, wherever and Loits (the band) really throwing their themed extremity to share those reality about it to you. 

Vere Kutse Kohustab: