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Ectothermism (Crucial Blast 2013)

   Taken the instructed of indestructible darken ideas off your favorite Clive Barker novels as the characters and figures displaying on it works supposedly showing more of those female private parts but never quite like disrespected but pointing on the occultism sided as one catching a Theologian deeper brutality via the blending moment colliding inside Some Things Have To Be Endured between motherhood, suffering pain to violence as well as loathing, nausea, lost of hope or blood and of course, desire and obsession wrapped out by wounds of addiction for this Industrial Ambient to shocking Electronic beasty recording viewed through the processing of torture souls made by Lee Bartow/Leech taken you under the consciousness of constant life in a nightmare world – a struggling inferno and intertwined sacrificial expression of love, lust and carnality loss of temporary safety for being pathetic humans. 
The revealing of woman’s breasts hanged out off the clothes covering her body accessible towards the themes which already written to haunts your feelings about being caged inside a fake empty world where creatures only appear at precise time to chasing you around and consume yours entirely – in slow motion. 
   The forbidden tracks highlighted there between the eerie spoken words and extreme samples reaction shall sending the lyrics like spells to destroying your presence over The Conjoined Deviant Procession, Gore-Staind Ramparts or Welcome to The Golden Age of Beggars – unwisely, to touch and let it get too close to where you stand, shaking. 

Some Things Have To Be Endured: