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Dziadach Jak (Bandcamp 2013)

   Adding their more interests for Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Bathory, Manowar or Kat in musical preparations but perverted enough not to play thus Heavy Metal-tinged sounds as the group of Black Velvet band from Lublin – Poland choose to stay down to earth by performing the favorable chosen music of Folk-Rock, Classic Metal and Doomy Rock over the record - Piesni Oblakane while developing their right-winged views (one might sniffing it) within the lyrics adoring the ancient pagan gods and goddesses in semi-occultism related as the great interest to alcohol as well led the group consisting of Jarek (drums), Flavio (bass backing vocals), Darek (electric guitars, didgeridoo, mandolin, banjo, wind-instruments), Marcin (acoustic guitars, mandola, vocals), Jaromir (lead vocals and Xymena (lead vocals, violin) blasts the gypsy’s themed towards Szczurolap, Zatancz, Jechali Kozacy and Wesele in order to entertains us all.

Piesni Oblakane: