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Dysphoria Seraphim (Sylvaine Music 2014)

   Alias Katherine Shepard and the sole member for her own solo project of musical which contains mostly an experiment of ambient wall of sounds, emotional catharsis lingering guitar riffs, beautiful melodies as one can focus within both fundamental of underlined powerful visuals and musical expectations through her works like this Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart that fully condemned by the abomination of collaborates Symphonic Goth Metal, Chamber Music, Black Metal alliance and raw penetrating of traditional folklore essence being pours into one molten cauldron which twisting everything into darker magic inside the gorgeous music under the female’s instinct here as our magnificent mystical - Sylvaine. 
   Listen onto It Rains in My Heart as a collateral damage, TOCKA comes as a redemption theme of a waiting for blossoming Spring lovers that never born, the trad-harmonium performance via Bien Loin D’ici for six minutes longer duration through the conclusion over I Drink in Every Sob like Wine … 

You will be hypnotized not only by the blond whiter complexion beauty of the singer but the musical project all the way through as well as the spells spreading based on thus Oslo – Norway folklore stories.

Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart: