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Dounats Volta C’era (Voodoo Rhythm 2009)

   Electronic Doowap, Synth-Pop, Rock N’ Roll foursome off Lugano – Switzerland as individually as Christoph Gantert, Pozzo, Raoul to Reka Csiszer composing their lazy Indie-Rock version of Disneyland anthem sounds but actually, not really suitable for children or miners but exactly – did the tremendous performance for taking the bunch of mixing for musical editions over the imperfection tracks recorded on the debut album – My Pussy Belongs to Daddy where many of a blending between Folk-Rock World and Country Music spending great collaborations there. 
I Saw The Devil, Summertime, I Wanna Have, Ashes, Bateau, Dead and Bonjour Madame will drawing an exact smile on the lips of our naked skinny girl on the front cover with a cat on her lap just like a modern transformation symbol based on the ancient Egyptian ritual beliefs suits for younger men by The Pussywarmers. 

My Pussy Belongs to Daddy: