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Destruction Of Dawn (Kink Records 2013)

80’s based Thrash-Metal power-speeding grinds your ears as the Darmstadt, Germany trio of vengeance – Blood Patrol blasting your stereo system with the group’s Cross-over sounds between pure Hardcore-Punk with mid-tempo Thrash of New Heavy Metal undead scene themes that you might found whether inside the brutality metallic explosions from Slayer and old Anthrax within the perfect murderous riff-age and straight forward burst on Blood Patrol releasing From Beyond and Below. 
Guitarist & backing vocals Bill Bloodthirst, bass & vocalist George Acidbath to drummer Frank Boneslasher could proudly serving their sounds as the tinier version of Tom’s Araya satanic brotherhood but as thus more and more zombie-flicks and the living dead capturing the band’s main interests so far – one can collectively prepares to run and hide or kill to survived before get cornered and eaten alive through Generation Dead, Balors Eye, Shots in The Darkness onto Crossed or More Bullets; as for those fanatic fans of Cro-mags, D.R.I to Kreator and Celtic Frost might finding their heavenly hell-favor of another collections between killer riffs and violent music over this Germanic tribe of Thrash. 

From Beyond And Below: