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Despotism Induction (A389 Recordings 2015)

Grab your seats and put your seat-belts on before it’s too damn late as the journey into chaos sounds of Death Metal begins and for this acts through the Washington D.C presence of a local taste available in your face via Genocide Pact – the trio of Connor Donegan, Nolan and Tim Mullaney sounding closer to the rest non-mediocre station around all mid-tempo crushing range of Slayer’s definitions of performing clashing Thrash/Death Metal alliance to whether not just torturing the audience but also creates the massive brutal head-banging mosh pit you ever see to experience – and either one would surviving this or not; the band will never care about but keep on thrashing metallic around just like on Forged Through Domination – a black and white patterns of showing the global world had become nowadays to the na├»ve and experimental assets cannot be judge by yourself for the greater good or the collapsing of mankind in general because Death Metal won’t allow that to be discussed severely. Keep on head-banging like tomorrow’s the last days for humanity through Abnogenesis, Menial Subsistence or Desecration and Experiments in Nihilism for answering the questions about population explosion and exploitation.

Forged Through Domination: