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Denying Saturday Divas (Virgin 1997)


   Don’t blame your Pop-world music landscape too much as if you didn’t really get infected by it – not even just a little bit as the era of Pop-music entering the middle of ninety seventh and Alternative crossed over ruling the rock music scene but unfortunately, cannot stopping these semi-legendary all-female Pop-vocal group whom being formed four years before that in London, UK for slowly smashing the charts and started to making hysteria around the globe.
   Meet the sexy five-piece Spice Girls with their own different characters, there’s a dark brown tasty Scary Spice (Melanie Brown), tougher sided Sporty Spice (Melanie Chrisholm), the chubby Baby Spice (Emma Bunton), the naughty red hair Ginger Spice (Geri Helliwell) and the leading role with sensuality Posh Spice (Victoria Adams) making furor as the first album release hits the record stores and their singles becoming hits on the radios and television channels as the group started to feel being under the circumstance of Pop-stardom controllable by fame and fortune only to meet the moment for releasing – once again, the second studio album entitled SpiceWorld; bashing yet again another furor waves of fanatic fans cheers and more haters mailing and bad critics among the music media telling that the group actually, didn’t have talents at all or even worst gossips and real story to spreads. 
   Many of the listeners will never forgetting the good single like Viva Forever, Too Much, The Lady is a Vamp, Spice Up Your Life to Stop or Never Give Up on The Good Times; as well as the broke-up cracks happening inside the non-solid band and unfinished issues among each members never dealt well and as the time goes by – the girls are no more real sooner after another record release.