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Deliver Lord (Bandcamp 2014)

Teaming up with the ton names of musicians like guitarist and multi-talented player Johnny Cosmic, saxophonist Frank Clayton , the keyboardist Mike DeGuzman to JP the bass guitars and beats accompanying Slatetrain as the main singer, drummer, percussionist and ideal character boosting the knowledge and spiritual issues to be written down as lyrics and music songs through the self-titled Slatetrain album. 
The good Reggae mixed with Dancehall, Fluids Gooze Funk, invention experimental as non-intervention via cosmic melodies of Rocksteady musical made out of Rockford – Illinois as being recommended by them to you to relaxing listen for them all started from Summer Soul to Invisible, No Money Happy to Ain’t Gonna Wait or True Love (feat. KnowledgeBorn07) to Bob Newhart’s Prescription. 
All sounded good man - better than "thomas the train" to catch between the romancing bayou or the abandoned beach-walk as your eyes caught a glimpse of a gorgeous girl coming your path-way.