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Degrade Liar (Bandcamp 2013)

Taken their roots of Extreme Nu Metal left by legacy from legendary names like Slipknot; the Charlestown – West Virginia thrashy brute troopers of Left Behind really realizing their potential to grow the fear inside them into more prospective themed tracks of exploding toned sounds that never calm down as it seems. Through the e.p recording of Death, Take Me and the casket picture for the front cover – you bet that Zach, Jordan, Brad, Cade, Ian and Zak whose already acclaimed as sickest and bad ass band ever for the Grammy jokes truthfully, taking nothing but the truth to their angriest lyrics and music made by themselves. One should already be fucking blown away for listening to Haunted ft. Allen Tyler, Out of Line ft. Peppy Olick or No Forgiveness ft. Jordan Bradley. 

Like a rabid dog-wolf hybrid chasing behind you – these guys bites ferociously ! 

Death, Take Me: