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Deferral Puddles (Mutant League 2013)

   Weekend being destroyed by too much higher Expectation as the question rely on in your head keeps bargaining the chances and the risks like What’s Really Good or Keep Your Stick on The Ice; might be thus themes tighter attached onto your teenage-puberty minds just like the Pop-Punk powerful beats crashing down from your stereo system via these Oakville, Ontario’s group named Seaway as the limitless tension that barks out for many troublesome or the searching for answers on the youth world written fast and fabulous as the naughtiness versus kindness sometimes came imbalance but the music shall keeping your brain sane for the next days and another try like a second chance brought back within the clever because you don’t have to die first to win the terrible fake championship called personal life today and through Hoser album’s track-listing like Slowing Down, Shy Guys or The Weight (feat. Shane Told) and Hourglass; everyone in the neighborhood and the teenager-realm will be saved again on preserve.