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Decent Town Talking (The Rocket Records Company 1981)

   These song materials acclaimed that New Wave and Mod-Rock used to ruling their own and each era where they’re popped-out and spreading through out the fancy teenagers and young people straight coming within those Pop-tunes, Dance-able invitations, Soft-Rock mixing by various influences to the Synthesizers while one of them for examples for you would be The Lambrettas performing their English Mod Revival beats through the second album – Ambience. 
Collectively, consisting of Doug Sanders, Jez Bird, Mark Ellis, Paul Wincer or Steve Bray, one will love to listening on their mixed music off Punk-Rock, Rock Steady, Power-Pop and Caribbean taste beats made out of England. 
   For Ambience tracklists everyone shall be likely loving Written in Neon, Total Strangers, Concrete and Steel, Dancing in The Dark to Men in Blue – fully colors as paintings or rainbows.