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Dead Clowns (Notebook Records 2015)


   Hard-stylish Hardcore and Electronic Industrial bursting via a Trance movement sobriety sounds made by Roughsketch from Hokkaido as the real naming of it Shohei Uno is a Hardcore Techno artist as pretty much influenced by Dutch highly values mixed with domestic European Dance Trax – ready to cranking your head open while the most of legendary rockers whom already passed out will definitely spinning inside their graves or limbo for having this dieting non-Metal Music dairy products as Maddest Circus Show and nobody knows about how deeper the hallucinated effects from the rest of their album shall affecting the listeners all out. From Valkyrie feat. Dummy or Pink Slime on a 2015 Re-Master as well as Extremely Dangerous Machineguns or Party Beast (feat.Rakutensai).
   Combining their loving sem-Hardcore speed beats ad crazy cartoon’s cover – just like when you browsing to the wrong community and leaving it never could be that easy. 

Maddest Circus Show: