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Dazzling Asterion (Bandcamp 2013)

   When spoken-words meets Classic Goth-Pop, the messianic messaging order of occults blended within thus Alternative Rock and broadway acts making the infamous musical album of Give Me Your Alchemy – a focused role-play for the interesting figures featuring Seattle – Washington’s Ryan Wildstar and his companion composer Jacen Touchstone the real urban superstar jesus whose insanely copying how David Bowie used to scream loud in anger or it’s just an artistic demands made to be perfect by recital. Nobody knows why he did this compassionately admirable but those whom loved to hearing Art-Rock like there’s a real life out there of humanity would trance-dancing like a possessive person looking for the right answers inside this Ethereal Darkwave of Goth experimental alternatives as if Ryan Wildstar is our new Master Crowley; mixing the magical spella, old testaments, ancient beliefs and modern catastrophic poetic justice and rock music through Rue On, Horses of Oceanus or Sabbath – In Northern Lights awakening The Green Ghost as The Air has Opened to The Song of The Universe – of thus uncharted empty maps and calling something from the unknown within over a gate.

Give Me Your Alchemy: