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Daze Beans Eat Up (Summer Camp 2016)

   The girl looks juicy and interesting with her punkish-pinky hair while the guy looks so awkwardly skinny and weird as the media would considering the duo from Newcastle, Australia releasing their recording Introverted Extroverted LP under the Lo-Fi session of Indie Rock and Shit-Pop like a modern New Wave couple reminder you all about Sid and Nancy but calling themselves a little bit silly as The Gooch Palms. 
Leroy McQueen and Kat Friend is a native New South Wales musicians whose finding out that being a jerky rockstar wouldn’t kill anybody but your parents nowadays and so, that’s how the group started to writing their own materials and happy Punk-Pop stylish becoming their colorful choice as the acts of wearing crazy outfits turning from just a small demanding for attentions now – a life style which fits the dynamic music products the band-duo produced and recording through their second effort using the balance viewing for both sides to win the world and the rocking stupidity sometimes can be the relevant cure over madness to reach the next level of fun-times and the huge liking on The Ramones or Blondie and The Go-Go’s from them. 
Thirteen tracks like Ask Me Why, Living Room Bop, Tiny Insight, GPBNO and Sleep Disorder might lifting the group’s Pop-expert stands along the other crazy names duet/band of the world. 

Let’s go singing and jumping – don’t be such a boring lads, mate ! 

Introverted Extroverted LP: