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Cuyamaca Bixby (Independent 2014)

Your lesser-known Electro-Dance group releasing its album under the title of Grinds; consisting of two mixed gender crew whose also loves to exercising daily - Ethan Newberry and Kimberly Teshima as they’re professionally, written songs, lyrics composing as well as music making and programs finishing for being a major kick-ass group baptizing themselves as The Ginger Runner. The combinations between actor/comedian/designer and business managerial of young professionals – altogether making the musical performance comes out of this group really sounded modern and simply fits for any occasional events as well as your late night companion with too much winery or soft liquor by the small talks. Naturals and eco-friendly themes providing the reactions toward action while listening onto the finest tracks listed there from The Divide to Solid Golden to Mountain of Phlegm as the beginning was opened by First Step – like our first born moment. Electro-NRG, slower EDM and mastering Techno-Pop really sounded popular and fixing the whole empty spot lost by the hard days this week because of this marathon-based musical approves.

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