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Cultures Wrath (Erzsebet Records 2016)


   Melodic Metal processing pain, anguish and hatred into one mixed cauldron of Death Metal and Meta-Core forbidden ground spells turning violent by sounds extremely dangerous for your ears with no safety ear-plugs while the Mondragon, Gipuzkoa of Basque Country’s excellent young group bashing your stereo system with their releasing record under The Great Wound superb force metallic music brutally via Voices Of Regret.
   Led by only a duet with each members would be very fucking important to themselves as well as for the group; Tristan Iniguez (guitar, bass, keyboards, drum-programming) or Ekaitz Garmendia (guitars, vocals) proceed their tenth doomsday liability themes of song-lists over this awesome album whether it’s Uncanny Valley, The Scarecrow, Unpredictable Mass onto Look Beyond What you See and Defiance of Existence in all the mighty extreme power-raging head-banger atmosphere reconditions while you playing this one particularly on the second floor with all windows open slaying the quiet neighborhood after 9 pm or pass-midnight !

Voices Of Regret: