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Croxteth Crew (War Anthem Records 2013)

Gore-Grind perversion of murder and pro-vision to the global extreme metal music realm that Helden, Limburg of The Netherlands still exists and got their surprising attacks from the form of these finest derelicts unit named Cliteater; starring Jordy Gerrits (bass), Ivan Cuijpers (guitar, vocals), Joost Silvrants on vocals, Erno Noorlander (guitars) and Marten van Kruijssen (drums) making their not so good jokes but actually, respecting how the influences from iron Maiden’s album artworks inspiring them to do more than just a silly stupidity for copying the semi-legendary cover art into their own recording sessions called Cliteaten Back To Life as an infamous releasing of original blasting explosions of crude Extreme Death Metal and Grind-Core that kills and raped everything in its path crossing – like the horrid excavator from the wasteland territory, destroying most of your precious thoughts and things lies within the modern world lies to be flattened and outspoken anymore here after. 
Fare and sadist is the main purposes how these tracks being written and composed by hatred and anti-social overall distinctive road to ruin openly wider within Toy Box Killer, Seth Putnam Paid Our Cab Fare, Furry Fandom Fetish, Norway Utoya Massacre, The Beast, T.W or Handy Handjob Hannah while the rest slamming and belligerent themes shall raping your ears, your mommy and your step-sister after midnight when this album loudly bursts from the stereo. 
As your dad being tortured and mutilated, so did your lovely auntie whose always being slutty this year. 

Nobody safe from Knob Gobbler !