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Cropsy Telekinesis (Not On Label 2016)

The deader Ramones-que meets Glenn Danzig’s younger version of The Misfits terror Punk-Hardcore Horror-scopes within the migration from the influential legendary Camp Crystal Lake and spreading the bloody scenes every Friday the 13th or along the October weekly full of Punkish tempos and abandoned hope lyrics through the best of these quartet of The Jasons with the exact recording releases like this Get Fucked album which showing the audiences thus foursome psychotic killer of the Voorhees family descents according to the false Jason 3D, Jason Hell, Jason Remake or Jason V as you get the jokes or not or you might just going to be killed by one of them tonight; don’t forget that the music of this band out of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey really really cool to listening and tremendously, not complicated but can trading you the good sense of suspended actions brought by the track-listing there talking about whether Freddy’s Dead, Looney Bin, New Wave Girl, Death Curse, I Wanna Be An Asshole to Tommy Was A Teenage Mutilator. Probably, too rough or too smooth for you ? 

Go fuck yourself and leave your ugly girlfriend for The Jasons to screw (and) then, put her pieces into blender !

Get Fucked: