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Crazy Oldman (Bandcamp 2016)

   One can assures that the main front cover album from Slasher by Alae Noctis disturbingly showing a reality of Thrash Metal realm of a serial killer taking hostage of a scared sexy blonde by hands (or sharp-steel claws) like a terrible coexist between Jason from Friday The 13th and Freddy Krueger of Elm Street nightmare but the music sounding a bit different and creative as the four-piece metal-heads named Diego “Noctis” (vocals, lead, rhythm, midi guitar synth), Alvaro “Pollo” (bass, backing vocals), Raul R. King (electro/acoustic drums) and Jorge “Nightbreaker” (bass) combining their likes for Thrash Metal squadron attacks within the Darkwave Electro New-Beats and Post-punk roots for establishing the Cartagena – Spain’s Alae Noctis as a neo-virtual of distinctive face of heavy metal. Empty sport four-wheel machine and car’s tore and bloody back seats with the pretty blonde babe lost without a track misguided local authority in confusions but the answer of the carnage murderous and disappearance lies on the song-lists presents here on Bounty Hunter, Spoils Of Crime, Borderline, C.O.D (Rock N’ Roll Duty) and Old School Rebel disguising threats of the night on the cursed weekend under the spells of Heavy Metal music of Slasher !