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Commi Rat Demands (Bandcamp 2013)

   Pleasure-able and flex-able and you know that these NY’s group A New Bug will giving you the better adventuring through their mixing sounds using the heaviest elements through Garage Rock, Bluesy Rock N’ Roll, Neo-Psychedelic and Punkrock – electrifying shall leaving you in sudden shock (in a very well-deserved way) as thus licks, chords and melodic solos of a journey into A New Bug’s land of the secret and forgotten ones within the releasing for this self-titled record along the flying one eyed octopus, riding weird mammal under the pinky glowing sun and mountains that rocks us out over nine chosen tracks like Crawling Thru Your Ears, High in Love, Bird of Prey to Ketamine – performs by Eddie Lo (guitar, vocals), Mike Boulanger (drums), Justin Werlick (bass) and Mike Pastore (guitar) might a little bit sounded odd by titles but never by their great rocking sound to ejaculating your hearing sense; exploded in such a pleasure for now and for more.