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Chiseler Bent (Bandcamp 2017)

   Joining the force caused by boredom or lack of staging show performance or just hates faking shit human fans then,  leads Buzz Osborne, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez to Dale Crover and Teresa Suarez Cosio or Teri Gender Bender joining their super-star energy for the new non-prospective band called Crystal Fairy roaring their resemblance to Alternative Rock or Hard-Rock today’s in-sensitivity which collaborating the eerie, haunting vocals and distorted music for the Bluesy groovy harmony reacts similar to the steps taken as you going to love the experiments happen when you assimilating Sonic Youth, Punk-Metal and Avant Garde into a small bowl of poison from this self-titled record. 

Listen to Drugs on The Bus, Necklace of Divorce, Moth Tongue and Secret Agent Rat. 

Sarcastic gorgeous or beautifully stressed out ? 

Crystal Fairy: