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Children Brothers Lost (Bandcamp 2017)

   Industrial Hard Rock and Heavy Metal extreme music noises comes out off Farmington, New Mexico with the intense Alternative Metal band calling themselves Signal 99 just like an example mix between Slipknot’s second grade crew and Godsmack without too much magic spells lyrics on their song-lists. More to exploring the facts that US soils and streets had turning to violent places nowadays and the hot issues stuffing the essential relationships among communities where hatred is your gasoline and suspicious would gladly, always be the flicker matches to burn everything to the ground. 
Through the releasing record of American Monster; vocalist/guitarist Chuck Haven, Maul (guitar/efx), bassist Brandon and drummer Fred seems still believing in the antidote puncher music of Nu-Metal and the additional Rap-Rock satisfactions as their media to spreading messages onto your ears – loudly. 
   Bloody Uncle Sam displays figure and the vomiting anger via XTC, Bacon, Rejected Again (Re-Mix) to GAFY or Fight and Apoco as the starter explicitly, talks harder and lesser nicer about the reality where hate conquers all and violence matters in order to have your opinions being heard or notice by the corrupted mass-media. 

American Monster: