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Chess Laws (Bolero Recordings 2016)

Fully melodic and never fails to exit themselves from the door of non-compromising title for being a good Punk Rock harmonic vocals and music ideas led and composed by themselves; these brilliant beauty quartet of all-female heavy Punk Rock group Besserbitch from Stockholm called Besserbitch might be offending you or making you fell in love with them. Meet Elsa Fogelstrom, Sanna Fuchs, Elin Andree and Hella Collett whom already sharing stages with legendary names like Motorhead, Bouncing Souls, Turbonegro to Stiff Little Fingers among others; releasing this second effort of them entitled Pretenders & Liars. Nice to know that there are still more sexiness among Punk Rock’s all-girls force-fed recording and for this point of views Besserbitch (band) really catches all of the attentions as well as the audiences and you know how powerful melodic the music and the composing songs made by them through The Eternal Procrastinator, Eyes of Misperception, Beat Heart Faster, I Am A Liar & You Are A Loser, Hate Anthem straight down stripped onto the last track of Breathing Under Water which resemblance a classic to your ears once you’ve listening to them. Hail your Punk Rock bitches up North ! 

Pretenders & Liars: