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Chasey 11 (Independent 2017)

Whoever found out the real meaning for SNCKPCK as snackpack or little dumber than that in the English meaning which worthy as unimportant for describing this solo project made inside one’s bedroom on a boring school holiday or perhaps, the main head for this really an unemployment person with much talents in doing or composing stupid acoustic Indie-Pop music and the recording being released as Songs I Made For People sounded really stupid as well. 

A sincerely Connecticut’s kinds of softening childish Twee-Pop of Chill and quiet Lo-Fi and hundred percent acoustic represented by thus ten simply songs fits for the end of Autumn and endless Winter weeks as you yourself can hear them one by one on Average Skinny Scrawny White Boy, Happy 17th, Gazers at Heart to Sing Your Songs to The Moon – before your index finger pulls the trigger …