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Cellophane Farmer (Berserker Records 2001)


   Quite closer to be called the collision blending of Death Metal, Stoner Doom music and elemental bastard-sized of The Melvin’s cement copulated proof on the recording release of these Oakland’s Totimoshi for Mysterioso as the weirdy hooks of cranking rock and metallic sounds, demonizing atmosphere and immoral lyrics to the crushing belt of riff-age and blasting drums as the sexy bass-line played well by the hot female bassist which can attracts you ass-holes to listen.
   Meeting with Antonia Aguilar, Chris Fugitt, Luke Herbst and Meg Castellanos can be quite nightmarish but knowing that just like the cell movie which concluded in the end – this band also had their own crazy tricks to make you feel uncomfortable and on the same time enjoying the raw, harsh environment created by the pranking crash-course music of Totimoshi via this record. Whether you chose to Float, Screwed, making Horselaugh or drowning by The Bleed on Oblivion Vitreol-A; just don’t forget to thanking for fuck sake on everything that happened lately in three – you damn insects !