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Ceiling Sky Lips (Squirrel Trap Records 2015)

   Walk slowly crossing the line between the twilight zone to a nice warm evening under the starless sky after dinner passing the small woods in front of your cabin and think again – even just for a while for thanking for the blessing you got today still – life is beautiful according to the nature’s soft wind and the quartet name Blasted Heath: Gunnar Jebsen (banjo, vocals), Charles Baruffi (guitars, vocals), Paul DeNovi (bass and vocals) with Rob Nicholas (guitars, vocals) from Chicago, IL whose sounded like our imaginative idea about how Anthony Kiedis and co. would still playing music at the age of sixty together and put more Americana/Folk/Rockabilly/Bluegrass and Old Timey fusion-sound to celebrating how life being very good to them and the surrounding environments rootsy down to their veins just like this group as they’re helped by Eric Woody (organ) or Matt Nischan (drums) recording this seven songs via No Regard For Reason release and giving the audiences their harmony vocals and musical style solidarity for the US traditional heritage of music sharing to you – Tripping The Night, New Girl on The Block or I Curse Your Name; a second follow-up after the previous eponymous album from this group hits the music market. There still hope for this future for the music. 

No Regard For Reason: