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Casa De Transistor (Bandcamp 2010)

Emotional Psychedelic Rock and Punk trauma sounds in heavy clashing noises presented by the quartet of Barrett Parkway, GA and calling themselves as She Came From Above as being consisting of Josh, Marvin, Evan and Mikey might turning out started just like a tribe of epiphanies nomadic in their space-journey and landed finally on earth to unveiling the aesthetic plague as an apparent agenda and fearless attitude to discovering new materials toward their ability on making and writing Emo-Rock music. 
As then, the band found out that the real threat and miracles of mankind lies on The Infinite in Puberty because soon after reaching that stage a man or a woman easily can changed or slipped into a good character or a bad/evil one but sometimes most of them turning out to be stagnant and gaining in mass similarity for everything which turns out to creates a boring future. So, let your soul feeling primitively lost and free with the giant bonfire torched to lighting up the dance circle for the tribes celebrating their music not human necessity via The Underground, March of The Orion, Close Encounter, Recreational Adolescents onto Defunct would be a list for your tracking rock sounds not to starting a brand new boredom futuristic living …

The Infinity in Puberty: