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Cart Racer (Not On Label 2017)

Ever heard or play a game named The End is Nigh ? It’s alright because for now you can have a chance to listening on its own soundtrack which sounding Electro-Modern futuristic and orchestral within well-arrangements by the music project whose calling themselves – Ridiculon and the results would be this excellent re-recording of more rocking versions from the original epic creations of The previous The End Is Nigh: OST made by Tyler Glaiel and Edmund McMillen pulverized completely a brand new as these track-lists recorded and re-composed almost perfectly by two talented musicians: Matthias Bossi (drums, piano, synths and singing) and Jon Evans (bass, singing, guitars, chicken and scout) that delivering some of most distinguished hardly insane and quirky manic of classical soundtrack hits available for a good-tiem listening hour with or without gaming. 
Thirty-six compositions like The Arid Flats – New World Symphony (Dvorak 1893), Overflow – 1812 Overture (Tchaikovsky 1880), Retrograde – Hungarian Dance (Brahms 1869), The Hollows – Dante Symphony (Liszt 1857) or As Above – Gymnopedie No.1 (Satie 1888) as well as River City Rancid – Retro 1812 Overture (Tchaikovsky 1880) or even a bonus; reality tells you about how on earth to surviving the world’s end by using this console games over more than 600 levels with explore-able achievements and hidden extra being announced. 

No Stress, please …