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Carousel Lazy (Friends Of Friends 2014)


   Insatiable music junkie to be called upon DJ Perera Elsewhere stating her dungeon Doom-Folk music to the song-writings as her Berlin-based concentrates plume of an aural exotic appearance frankincense becoming a shakeable coexistence blending between organic indigenous sounds with the robotic electro elements of minimalist and acoustic summons for the lost souls searching for greater music forms.
Haunting vocals, soothing beats, dark club of abstract waking dreams sounds and Pop-tinged bliss inspirations being shown through the soon should become infamous tracks for this type of sorrow Folk-Music via Bizarre, Light Bulb or Giddy (ft. Gonjasufi) and may reminding you most about the damned version of PJ Harvey to Diamanda Galas gravy background soundtrack.
   Everlast (Deluxe Edition) presenting the blending of the African heritage or the Black Music ties between her heart and her soul attached with the likes of darker Waits versus Dylan-esque charger personality themes like the traditional rhythmic beats that coming by the hard-thumped over Ebora (ft. Aremu)  or Bongoloid; representing the news about how brand new and attractive this music format made by Perera Elsewhere really is.