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Can’t Out Get (Self-Released 2013)

There’s no further reactions for not claiming about this joint whom could be one of those lost tribe from the seventies’ Psychedelic Hippie Rock culture descendant found out their way from a hole that they’re digging before the cold war started or shortening the story like this – if you got a never-ending Pop party with a curious Mojo glitch of tones cut into a delicious and jangly chiming guitars with dearest punchy drums and psyched-out keyboards sound as harmonic noises then – probably, yes would be an answer for telling that The Pygmies is one of them. 
Garage Punk and Pop as well as Indie Music collaborated and naming Calgary, Alberta as their hometown; Jim Blood on guitars, Kenna Burima the keyboardist girl, Brendan Tincher the drum-bangers and bassist Ryan Lottermoser fuzzed up their phase as some serious snotty chops and smearing sneaker punked blasts noises left the building within the amount of honesty via Inside Your Mind demanding its thought of wisdom Pop-culture reborn over Death March, Chain Reaction, Hold Tight, No Connection, Last Night or Cannibal. 

Welcome to the imaginable time-machinery moments where David Bowie had a co-worker named Patti Smith with a back-up live band called Blondie !

Inside Your Mind: