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Candlewax Sweater (Dream Catalogue 2017)


   An alerting over a terrified looks of panorama described and picturing there on the front cover of the Flight album recorded and arranged by a project of Dream-Punk Electro Vapour from London called HCMJ about the drowning world of our times or nearby prophecy after we ignoring too many proof contradicting to the global warming or climate changes for over the decades ago until now.
Like the last doomsday vision drawing there for a commemorated acclamation that perhaps, one day someone or something would finding it and learn not to closing the circle of extinction back again for the future world to forget. 
   A non-vocals and instrumental materials like a broken signal of a recording sounds or noises package that’s being too darn late to sending into outer limits of our dark galaxies by NASA or just a regret spirits of trillion souls banished in one single hits by a gigantic stone from above on the unlucky planet of terra. 
One might getting deaf quite easily when turning the task of tracks meaninglessly louder by the stereo and even the brain would explodes in an instant as Ran Through Glass drilling the walls or the bordering logs of our hiding place and rocking hard the sound-proof layer inside the bunker which turning into a death trap for some unfortunate souls dwelling in it; releasing the last grasping breath from the living Into The Sky, being left behind featuring Alone Between Skyscrapers or a reminding for regrets on thoughts through thus harmony noises on Let’s Purchase and Ugly. 

There’s no chance for us to be forgiven as Cloud Sleeping for Posthumous Release dying like the burning out soils – later being wiped out by the silenced and terrible great floods …