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Caledonia Mistake (Jade Tree 2006)

For the strange name like Ester Drang might flicks a question about what on earth is this really means or it might drove someone thinking for an South-East Asian or West African woman but for the most – that these lot is actually an Indie Rock band formed in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. 

Catapulting how cold semi-Goth-Pop of Brian Eno touch can easily meets the half-groovy Indie-Pop commence relating to thus potent synth’s dripped or mournful Shoegaze sounds or the rising gazer of grandeur transcendent ensemble elevating the soft beats as a guardian of the releasing album on Rocinate.   

From Bryce Chambers, David Motter or Kyle Winner to Jeff Shoop with many additional musicians playing their performance on bass guitar, lap-steel, high strung acoustic guitars, orchestral percussions or flugelhorn and trumpet not to mentioning a beautiful amounts of brass-sections; freeing this record for being released without any prejudice. 

Listen to the calmness and peace-training of Autumn’s end or evening for romance on mature lovers sitting and watch the stars for the background listenable tracks singing Valencia’s Dying Dream, Hooker with a Heart of Gold, Smoke and Air, Great Expectations and Come Back Alive. 

How truly kind and glossy the album spreading its energy …