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Caecus Tyranny (Willowtip 2009)

Forming by the solid stated interests of the two fore-father of this Auckland’s Death Metal Progressive group – Ulcerate; Michael Hoggard (guitars) and Jamie Saint Merat (drums) and creating a favorable debut for metal-head maniacs who loved for being entertaining by the blaster loud-slashing heavy riffs and music as the noisy chords or melodies shall strangled your throat and then, cut it cleaner in few seconds. 
The barbaric point-of views in thus chaotic Prog-Metal music didn’t quite matching the band’s irresistible cleverness for adding their other likes of science into the lyrics and themes which lifted the essential brutality form the Extreme Heavy Metal sounds through the second album – Everything is Fire to the next level’s up and many thumbs as well. 
Like the fast revolving of thus exo-planets and begin to creating a mass heat-wave starting as sparks to then, incinerating the neighboring area in our own galaxy which is can be predicted as a doomed moment for us. 
Bleed your ears and yourself while you still can as these tracks of post-apocalypse ticking time bursts at most painful as you can ever felt it is truly happening - through Withered and Obsolete, The Earth at Its Knees, Soullessness Embraced or We Are Nil; definitely – destructible permanently as our own apocalyptic nightmare comes ! 

Everything is Fire: