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Cadavertising (Crucial Blast 2005)

Female vocalist trying to mix the chaotic masses murdering music on the crazed blending of Death Metal, Groovy Rock, Hardcore-Punk or Grindcore in generally pathetic source that quite making you infected by sudden headache while listening to this awesomely nuts recording from our lesser-known group of So I had To Shoot Him from Morristown, New Jersey. 
The irrelevant displays of human-torturing noises in between the blasting disturbance for couple minutes then changing lower to a harmony tricky pallet of trap where later on the audiences will have their heads once again being smash and bashed with a proper distortions firing through those tracks of ill-fated series of Math-Rock systematic destruction plan via Another Roman E’ Clef by Hart Bochner, John Cleese and The Fountain of Youth, Stoicism Conservatory for The Marred of Heart (handclaps by Zach Marsh) and Herman's Tank-Flavoured Anvil Force-feedings that comes like a non-persuasive bad show of strange Rock music stamping by hell and beyond eternal fire endorsing for Alpha Males and Popular Girls.