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Burnout Sunrise (Sunmask/Cardinal Fuzz 2017)


   Flawless in a slow-torturing examined of Psychedelic Stoner Rock energy with the compositions of Shalby Gaudet (guitar, vocals), Amber Ross (drums, percussions), Christopher Laramee (guitars) and Jay Allen (bass, back-up vocals) formerly known as Powder Blue but exchanged their group identity onto The Radiation Flowers which suitable for the aromatic of beauty and mystic blending as they’re emerges within the band’s efforts like the second coalition of rock sounds via Summer Loop that brings the essential mid-seventies heritage of Hippie generation and “flower-power” hallucinating gestures and themes towards the great recording release.
   A mixing Shoegaze and Alternative Garage with Grunge and Indie Psychedelic by these Saskatoon – Saskatchewan musicians mixed gender re-touching every imaginations in or out of the using of substantive drugs while listening to them. Guitar driven edges, noisier soft-distortion walls to the wondering lyrics has been a trademark towards the elemental for thus semi-universal spiraling wheel through-out Just Go Away, Walking Down The Street, Colours or Dancing In Flames being as the first layers for your mind-journey’s password.

Summer Loop: