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Bubble Ripples (Bandcamp 2016)

Sweetening and beautifully manage their associated brand of thus strings-arranged marks and sparkles like a burst of a miracle in life not everyday can be seen by many while then turning to a more up-beat and mature Funk presentations miraculously an alternative for you on listening to something fresh, something new from the collection music off Tel-Aviv Yafo – Israel group calling themselves as Junkiespaceship as for this Tour 1 album consisting with Itamar Ben Zakay on drums, keyboards and guitars, Daniel Meir the bass player, guitarist Shahar Mintz as well as Kai Ben Dov on guitar, electronic and vocals as being help also by some local friend-musicians like Maya Lee Roman (viola/violin), Moran Chester (cello), Lea Gadaev Spector (violin) or Hilla Heller (viola). 

Nude fantastic girl on the front cover is probably still kosher for the national-wide expectations as the musical songs presents to us the plenty compositions by elegant techniques provided through Down It, Clarity, Eleviate, Anxiety Decending, God is Watching and Another Anyone – blowing some stories to bare and re-think again because most of the lyrics can easily turning into great poetry without judging as well as the temporary distorted rock scene creates from within the softer side of a part religious, part secular sides divided a balance for this album.

Tour 1: