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Breeze Cool (Audio Montage Entertainment 2011)

Yes they’re not Credence Clearwater Revival (CCR) in disguise or the young version of them but for some newer generations who loves Psychedelic Rock in a group; Tree is your Israelis great band from the Kibbutz area grown-up to rocking the lairs of themes and times out via this simple name. The country-side heroes Tree quartet featuring: Ben Golan (guitar/vocals), Dor Koren (bass/vocals), Nave Koren ( drums/spirits) and Yair Vermut ( organs/vocals) gathered the best sessions and pieces left behind by the legends before them with the huge liking over Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The beatles, White Stripes, Canned Heat to The Grateful Dead and less underground Jazz-Pop attempts as being shown there within the self-titled Tree album. 

In English lyrics and plenty tons of melodic combinations and Psychedelic tunes in trance noises of harmony; you will love to sniffing over the non-toxic products which came in by the track-lists like Swing In B or Darling to Eastern Blues or Time and Two Oceans by The Sun sparkling the minarets and the old praising spots; the wheat roads and the giant lake connecting River and the longing way of water onto the sea. Tree band already describing them in fully emotions !