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Boy Witch (Fat Possum 2011)


   So you needing and loved to have a group whose got their heavy influences in their music through names like Prince, Syd Barrett, The Mothers of Invention, Jimi Hendrix to The Rolling Stones and Miles Davis or Al Green mixed into some kind of formulated strange encounters among new and old sounds that jazzy grooving your inner soul as if you could fly high or barely, slipping into another place far from the reality crowded world on the next dimension.
   You definitely need to listen for Unknown Mortal Orchestra that features Jacob Portrait, Quincy McCrary, Riley Geare or Ruban Nielson hitting the right spot with their blending tracks serving with Psychedelic Rock and Indie Rn’B as bold as love itself on this self-titled recording which brought the futuristic building compound bursting Bicycle, Thought Ballune to Jello and Jaggernauts and Nerve Damage! 
   As explosive just like Little Blu House is sticking sharp like Strangers Are Strange funk-out a freaking FFunny Frends for fun and happiness ! 

You know what that means.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra: