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Bowser Toll Spirit Guide (Cloud Recordings 2004)

   Would you try these Experimental project of Chicago’s group named Icy Demons; as the funny cover artworks from their recording album – Fight Back ! really would spreading smiles in between of extra irregular meaning on experiments for Math-Pop or Indie Rock as swiftly not gorgeous as Taylor but even stranger than fiction to hear by the audiences and listener must be shocking heavily by the facts that songs like Detachable Face that embracing piano creepy voice or The Silent Hero which embarking a little bit happiness in weirdy world of the band to those Bitter Moon or Manny’s or Young One that introducing chaos in mid-level thermal type of oddities to be captured by our ears. As the bouncy parade of puffy scary creatures filling the front cover and Icy Demons know for better or worst; that they needed to reach Chimatown or fighting Simian Warlords to saving Vera May before day turning to Bitter Sun will exactly wearing Wet Sweater.

Fight Back: