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Blame Someone Else (Not On Label 2016)

For the likes of semi-legendary names out of Modern Rock catalog like Incubus, Taking Back Sunday, Placebo, Reuben or Nirvana and John Mayer; we got the halt-stop spot for the newer name in Evarose – the all-female Rock band from Banbury – Oxfordshire (UK) formed as a quartet consisting of Dannika Webber, Imogen Leslie, Connie Raitt and Robyn Griffith on blending their positive interests over Pop and Rock music into one particular asset that sells high price as planned but seems that the media or the music scene didn’t really pay attention to them yet. 

Now the girls trying a bit harder to throw this effort of recording debut under the title: Invisible Monsters to make you and the rest stop ignoring them and maybe, this album isn’t sounding too bad with the more professional touch and good taste of Modern Rock tracks brought the female intuitions closer to the mainstream of UK rock scene and letting one play these songs like Glitch, Quicksand, Breathing Space, Telephonic (strings by Chris Leslie), The Cause and The Cure or The Fall may reign the radio stations because Evarose really have to admitted to be awesome for a newcomer ! 

Invisible Monsters: