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Beyond The Bells (Underground Power Records 2017)

   Metallic comes to blasts and the remarkable NWOBHM genre as the mixed within Heavy Metal traditions from Chicago – Illinois named Satan’s Hollow as the group consisting of five piece rock-heads led by the female front woman Mandy Martillo (vocals), rhythm and lead guitarist Von Jugel, lead and rhythm guitarist Steve “Lethal” Beaudette, bassist Lee Smith and drummer Patrick “Rusty” Glockle would not be too disappointed cause of their semi-balancing between old Thrash and Heavy Metal Speed grooves combinations in mid-tempo standard like the mysterious demonic shadow standing in the middle of the empty road of the suburban via these self-titled recording release. 
Many melodic offerings, bass-lined bangs or the power voice by the lead singer woman that delivers the sound of retro early nineties heavy rock music breaks-out altogether with Choir of The Cursed, Hot Passion, Black Angel to The Horror and Moving On. 

Head banger sessions isn’t an option but a must while listening to this !

Satan's Hallow: