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Benediction Hope (Sony Music/BMG Entertainment 1999)

   Jonathan Elias might be a commercial producer, soundtrack composer or music performer in all his secularist free-thinking of “the western views” but when it comes to collaborations in musical; he choose only Alalnis Morrissette our former queen of Alternative Rock and the amazing Pakistani born of Faisalabad – Punjab as Parvez Fateh Ali Khan then later on being infamous to the international world for introducing Qawwali music not just as a devotional sounds of Sufism to the world but also composed more than many more creative musical figures as solo artists or collaborations as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; the shahenshah of e qawwali (the qawwali kings of kings). Take a listening moment onto this recording of The Prayer Cycle as it combining the passion of ethereal Pop-Chamber, spoken words and orchestras inot one solid ground of tranquility and holiness; Classical, simple but global by effects thanks to Jonathan Elias’s ideas for penetrating our exclusive minds with the harmonies that brings peaceful and chaos within hearts or feelings differently to every single listeners for Movement I: Mercy, Movement II: Strength or Movement IV: Compassion or Movement IX: Faith. 

A delightful choral symphony in 9 movements on modern classic music for a company besides a devotional through blindness – reaching the truth whether through Elias, Nusrat or Morrissette.

The Prayer Cycle: