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Bellisima Hara Kiri (Heavydelic Records 2008)

   Combinations between good versus bad in a literature of Heavy Rock Music terms which praised to be a blessing upon your band; did gaining powers for Turn Me On Dead Man – the mighty lesser-known group form San Francisco – CA which consisting for Scott Shanks, Mykill Ziggy, Kurt Statham and Christopher Lyman as a quartet that casually, burst their fuzzing heaviness among the riffs and standard Grungy tempos on drums, bass-lines and crunchy vocals like Psychedelic Metal meets Glam Rock classics just like the images of a tiger fighting the wolves in a very damn epic painting off the wall. For the third album releasing; Turn Me On Dead Man make ready their own phase through the title off Sunshine Suicide within the remarkable touches from both Prog-Rock and Stoner Metal echoing over the towering rocked sounds over Oh My God It’s Filled with Stars, Olympus Mons (Jello Shitstorm Mix), The White Witch, Fantasia, Creamsicle, Blue Dreamy Amber Waves to Girl Colored Sky that seems to be sounding irrelevant to hear by thus average ears but the good tension seekers and those Stoner Rockers knows where to finding the best offers like this rare one !

Sunshine Suicide: