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Bar Baka (PRSPCT RVLT 2015)

Along with the companion of ghouls and dead alive friends for making greater chaotic music sounds in development based on the no remorse and no concession the pleasant surprises led the new project of three under the elusive name of Voodoom which brings into life through the collaboration works between Deformer, Mike Redman and Jason Kohnen and the self-titled recording release over this independently primitive beat-makers marking how thus ancient six armed hominid processing Electro-Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Hardcore Jungle and Break-core power-dunker smashes onto tracks like Wisi Mang, Kongo Nails, Wasteland or Kankan Un De; like the demise programs of the lost tape from Trent Reznor being destroyed into The Prodigy’s non-profit project for helping rebel army for the Arab league solidarity.