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BaKteria Inside (Echozone 2011)

Wien – Austria Gothic Dark Rock band named Lolita Komplex with its mixed gender and loyal members of Dushi Dushinson (guitars, bass, vocals), Nana (vocals), Eve Evangel (vocals, guitars), Kaberu (drums), Gyn (bass) and Emil (guitars) has bring their very popish atmosphere and Alternative independent musical mixing between Classical and Heavy Metal one into this good product project which sounding half-extreme metallic but also half-mainstream and favorable to listen and might fits to be a package of Hard Rock parallels gift for ordinary people to knowing Heavy Music more using this examples. 
One will be surprising to have not only Gothic Metal, Symphonic Rock but also Death metal and Nu-Metal alliance blasts higher in force-able tempo and more melodic riffs and grand designed compositions off male raw vocals, female sensual voices and the double pedals with trouble shreds howling loud on this releasing record from Lolita Komplex on the debut – Le Cabaret De Marionettes. 
Whether into the chaotic grinding Death Metal on Kurushimi, the electro-dance faust on Dollhouse, Your Misery collecting the sad silent elements back as the over-throne anthem on Vienna is Hell melodically would sending you onto head-banger heaven for almost six minutes as the entire recording of this group should be granted very well by those who loves Heavy Metal taken their West mountains of European-side a little bit melodramatic heavier in Pop-culture mixes.   

Les Cabaret De Marionnettes: