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Bad Television (Gotham Records 1997)

Maybe the last recording for a former founding man of the group – the Melbourne-based Pop-Rock unit named Boom Crash Opera with the help from Richard Pleasance but the oddballs always thrown out by Peter Farnan (guitars/vocals) and the group Peter Maslen (drums, vocals), John Favaro (bass, vocals) to Greg O’Connor (keyboards) for this releasing goods on Gizmo Mantra !

Australian long-forgotten since INXS tragedy happens seems to have their good times here for making things emerges pretty well through the Bluesy Pop track - Dirt, Wake Up Fine or Welcome to Tomorrow for concerning how you would greet Aussie atmosphere in the clear morning or Don’t Forget to Breath that sounding catchy to create yourself a brand new moment dancing as you drink the coffee smiling to the smallest things in the world and blessings to compare ...

Gizmo Mantra: